happy new year!

So it’s 2016 now? That’s frankly just impressive. 2015 was a good year for me in pretty much all the ways that count and here’s to 2016 being full of good things for all of you too. *blows kisses*

2015 was the year that I started actively reading romance, and the year I started writing romance in the full knowledge that that was what I was doing. (I want to write more about that later, in its own post, but the short version of that is basically ~~*~~undoing internalized misogynistic bullshit~~*~~~.) 2015 was also the year I first did NaNoWriMo and the year I actually started to let myself write what I wanted to write instead of telling myself I should be writing something else.

That’s definitely something I want to keep going! So, seeing as NaNo worked out well for me in terms of Having a Concrete Goal and External Motivation and Pushing Through Terror That I Was Just Writing Crap, I’m going for a similar goal this January to keep myself writing. 30k in January! It almost rhymes.

Here’s a handy-dandy visual of how that’s going:


1024 / 30000 words. 3% done!

(You can make your own counter here!)


Here’s to a wonderful 2016 for all of you and may it be filled with all the stories you most want to read.


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