Pusheen box! or, how much cute can one box hold


Let me set the scene: it’s September, it’s been a hot summer, and, let’s face it, 2016 has happened a lot. I’m watching a cheerful YouTuber open subscription boxes. “That’s nice,” think I, drinking tea. Then: the Pusheen Box.

It is immediately clear that I must also have a Pusheen box. AND LO: that payday, I made it so.

So the Pusheen box comes out four times a year, and I signed up in time to get the autumn box, which was sent out in mid October. I live in England and the Pusheen boxes come from the USA so as well as, you know, shipping costs (WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THIS), there’s a bit of delay in receiving it because the ocean exists.

But I got home from work on Friday and L had HEROICALLY braved the post office to go pick this up for us on her day off and IT IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

The box is a Pusheen! The box is a Pusheen!

Look, you can see its little Pusheen face, and its tiny Pusheen FEETS underneath, and its tiny Pusheen tail on the back, and its SPECIAL PUSHEEN WINGS because it’s Halloween, so this Pusheen is a TINY BAT CAT. It is beyond adorable. I will never be able to part with the box. IT IS TOO CUTE FOR ME.

The box comes with a random assortment of Pusheen goods. When you place the order, you give a t-shirt size and a shoe size (so I’m assuming that t-shirts and shoes are potential items. Look at me using my smarts.), which is why you can see an M sticker on the box next to the wing up there.



(There was one other item in the box but shh we’re probably going to use it for a Christmas present so it’s not pictured here.)

Okay, let’s start with the vinyl figure. THE VINYL BAT PUSHEEN:


This is blatantly the cutest thing. Look at it. Look at its little Pusheen face and its little wiiiiiiings. It does stand up on its own, as you can see, but it also has a tendency to wooble over to the left, which frankly only makes it cuter.

Then there’s this ADORABLE cup and saucer set, which ALSO came in a ridiculously cute box:

The saucer is a pie! The saucer is a pie! The Pusheen has brought apples for its pie! I have just left this cup and saucer out on our tiny rainbow table because looking at it brings me joy.

There were also these post-it notes:


“Stick them everywhere!” the label says, as if I wasn’t going to plaster my entire life and self in them at once. I LIVE INSIDE THIS POST-IT NOTE NOW, BYE.

For Halloween, there was this DRESS UP AS PUSHEEN set:

Obviously I tried this out immediately over my work clothes and then spent most of the evening wandering around with lopsided Pusheen ears. If I were a cat, I would definitely have lopsided ears.

Then there was this Pusheen jumper!


I am wearing this jumper right now. It’s super comfy and although it’s not very thick, it is warm enough that I am nicely snug this autumn evening. I AM COVERED IN PUSHEENS AND WISH TO STAY THIS WAY FOREVER.

Finally, it came with this notebook and pen, and a Halloween air freshener:


The pen, as you can see, comes with a little Pusheen charm that you could easily take off and use on something else, and the notebook cover is holographic, so when you move it, leaves drift down across it. How much time have I spent waggling the notebook cover, you ask? Don’t ask. It’s not polite. The air freshener has a little Pusheen in a pumpkin and apparently also smells of pumpkin, but L and I were like IT WILL SMELL SO STRONG and have just been admiring it in its little plastic home.

And that’s that! I’m not going to say it’s, um, not pricey, but of all the self-indulgent presents, this one has to be one of my favourites. AND THE CUTEST. LIKE. IT’S SO CUTE.


You can get your own Pusheen box here, and I think the next one is winter-themed, so expect me essentially just to spontaneously become a snowflake of delight the moment it is put into my Christmas hands.

MM Florin writes things, sticks stickers on things, and drinks coffee from a variety of colourful mugs.

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