so I started a sticker diary



I know, right? I don’t post for ages and there’s a typo on an old opening photo and then I rock up all, so I started a sticker diary? What even IS that?

It is an excuse to noodle about with stickers, friends. STICKERS. You know I’m there for that.

One of the things I spend a lot of time doing, say, on weekend mornings when everything is fuzzy and I am clutching coffee like it is my only friend, is watching YouTube channels. (I’m going to do a post about that later because like… I really like making lists.) One of my current favourite YouTubers is JentleStrength, who is sort of a… booktuber/lifestyle/vlogger/artist, and one of the things she does is upload a sticker diary for every vlog she posts.

In her sticker diary, she records one or two things from her day that she wants to remember, and then decorates it with STICKERS and WASHI TAPE and CUTE PENS and basically, if you are into a) stationery or b) nosing into what someone else is up to or c) both, I hiiiighly recommend it.

Here is an example of her videos!

So after watching… several, let’s say several of Jenny’s sticker diary videos, I was like.. I could do that! So what if I don’t have the artistic talent found in a watermelon? I have stickers! I love stickers! And washi tape! And pens! I CAN DO THIS.

And so I started giving it a go. And then I kept doing it. And then… it had been a month? A whole month? And I had a sticker diary done for every day of February? I

I have a habit of starting things and then not finishing them, or carrying on with them for the amount of time I intended, but here we are in March and I have got a whole month’s sticker diary all there to look at in my Moleskine. Yes, it’s a Moleskine. I LIKE PRETENTIOUS STATIONERY, OKAY. I DO WHAT I WANT, THOR.

“Should I blog about this?” I wondered, and then the consistently-enabling Kris Ripper, who has been starry-eyed over this nonsense endeavour with me because ze is the best, was like YES. DO IT. And so I am doing it. And if I’m doing it, I’m SHOWING PICTURES wheeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€

Here are some of the double pages from February. Excuse the privacy bubbles on some things but, you know, it’s a diary. JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE COLOURS! AND PENS! AND STICKERS! AND WASHI TAPES! Our living room floor looks like our craft box exploded over it but whatever, look at my beautiful sticker diary. #priorities


I’m just saying, the way Maya delivered that line in Shadowhunters was f l a w l e s sΒ 


*dance* *dance* THIS IS THE GETTING TO USE CHRISTMAS STUFF IN FEBRUARY DANCE. IT IS THE DANCE OF MY SOUL. Also, everyone go read Peter Darling immediately.Β 


Look at that Beauty and the Beast style writing in the last box! THANK YOU, INTERNET TUTORIALS.

So that is my sticker diary! And we’re three days into March and I’m still going with it.

Obviously Etsy is now a more dangerous place for me, despite always being a constant threat to my bank balance, because now I can be like OH BUT I NEED IT, IT’S FOR MY STICKER DIARY. But seriously. HaveΒ you seen some of this cute stuff?? There’s no hope for me. If you need me, just follow the trail of stickers.Β *heart eye emojis continue into eternity*

MM Florin writes things, sticks stickers on things, and drinks coffee from a variety of colourful mugs.

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One thought on “so I started a sticker diary

  1. Kris Ripper says:

    Awwwwwwww SO LOVELY! I live it total awe of your stickering, as you know. Do feel free to write all the sticker diary posts! (I was gonna say “all for meeeeeee”, but I feel like sticker diaries bring joy to everyone, so I won’t be greedy. STICKER DIARIES FOR ALL!)


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