May book haul!

may book haul 2

We’re trying a thing! A book haul post is the thing!

One of my favourite blog posts/vlog types is the haul post, because I like stuff and I like people talking about stuff they love too. A win all round for individual interests and also I guess for capitalism.

I bought more books than I usually would this month (I say, throwing a blanket over my TBR) because I went to Disneyland Paris with friends and I was expecting to need things to read in queues. Turned out all the queues were intensely reasonable and none of us read in them at all so now I have a bunch of books to console me while I mope about not being in Disneyland anymore. I PINE FOR YOU, DISNEYLAND.

Anyway! Onto the books. A bunch of these I bought because I am an easily influenced buttercup when it comes to people on Twitter whose taste is similar to mine going THIS BOOK IS ON OFFER BUY IT NOW. “Here is book!” they say, and off I go like a small and easily-led cat.


charlsThe Adventures of Charls, the Veretian Cloth Merchant (A Captive Prince Short Story) – C.S. Pacat

Y E S. I preordered this essentially the second it was up for preorder and then read it the morning it arrived on my phone before I’d even put my glasses on. Yes, I held the phone very close to my face and squinted so I could see the whole way through. No, I probably shouldn’t read like that. WHATEVER. IT WAS WORTH IT. THOSE GLASSES-ACQUIRING SECONDS WERE SECONDS I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN READING THIS STORY ABOUT CHARLS. This is the third in the Captive Prince short story releases, and almost definitely my favourite. Oh, Lamen.

greenwodeGreenwode and Shirewode (The Wode Books 1 and 2) –  J Tullos Hennig

“Queer Robin Hood retelling! Book 1 is currently free!” said someone on Twitter, and I launched myself over there with the power of a thousand suns and then bought the second one while I was at it, because it was cheap and what if I liked the first one and finished it somewhere with no internet?! What then, Bridget??




lady midnight

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices Book 1) – Cassandra Clare

Lord of Shadows, the sequel to Lady Midnight, came out the week after we went to Disneyland and there was no way I was lugging Lady Midnight across to France with me because it is approximately the size of a small kangaroo. So I bought the Kindle version. And totally read some in Disneyland! Mild success.



if you lived hereIf You Lived Here, You’d Be Perfect By Now: The Unofficial Guide to Sweet Valley High – Robin Hardwick

This was originally going to be my Disneyland read! It seems light and fun and frothy, and I inhaled Sweet Valley books when I was younger. And then my friend gave me a heads up that there’s a lot of talk about weight in this, which makes sense because, you know, Sweet Valley High, but I can’t read about that at all right now so this book is now waiting for me in the future. ONE DAY, SWEET VALLEY GUIDE. ONE DAY.



frostbloodFrostblood (The Frostblood Saga Book One) – Elly Blake

NGL, I had seen this all over bookstagram accounts and then it was on offer for 99p. What’s a Moog to do? (The answer is always buy the book.)




Sparkwood – Daria Defore

… Okay this is where the book purchasing logic disintegrates into I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY MONEY ISN’T REAL. Don’t judge me. Sparkwood has been on my to buy list since it came out because fairies! Queer romance! Characters at loggerheads until SHOCK THEY LIKE EACH OTHER! “I could totally read this at Disneyland,” I said, ignoring all evidence to the contrary and not having packed yet, and lo, here we are. NO REGRETS JUST LOVE.



architect of songThe Architect of Song (Haunted Hearts Legacy Book 1) – A. G. Howard

No idea how I came across this one except that somehow I did and the blurb was like “Gothic Victorian mystery with Aloof and Secretive Lord and ghosts” and I was like SIGN ME RIGHT UP. Who knows if it’s good? Not me. I’ve not read it yet. But Victorians!!




city of strifeCity of Strife: (An Isandor Novel) (City of Spires Book 1) and Viral Airwaves – Claudie Arseneault

Twitter strikes again! City of Strife has been on my radar since it came out and then Twitter went, Claudie Arseneault’s books are on sale! And I went, OKAY. And then bought Viral Airwaves, just in case. Just in case of what. JUST IN CASE.




seventh bride

The Seventh Bride – T. Kingfisher

This one I blame KJ Charles for. She was talking about reading a bunch of novellas recently and linked to this one. It was on sale. It’s a Bluebeard retelling and I am so weak to that noise. TA DAAA.





show yourself to meShow Yourself To Me – Xan West

Another one that I’d been looking at for a while and have been recced a few times. It’s described as queer kink erotica in a way that has made queer friends of mine cry in recognition so I too am looking forward to that experience ❤




hard copies

lord of shadows

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices Book 2) – Cassandra Clare

I’m just over halfway through this one now. MY BLACKTHORN BABIES I shriek, often, at the pages. TYYYYY, I shriek, a lot more often. It’s all going very well no problems at all.




acowarA Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses Book 3) – S.J. Maas

Finally! Some! Queer! Characters! In! This! Series! That’s pretty much my entire thought on this book.





hate u giveThe Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

I don’t read a lot of contemporary outside of romance, but I’m making an exception for The Hate U Give. Also, guess who didn’t realise the first letters of each word in the title spelled out THUG until she saw the book spine in her TBR pile? This me right here. Moog, missing the point since the nineties.




flame in the mist

Flame in the Mist – Renee Ahdieh

I haven’t read this yet but MULAN RETELLING? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Also, look at that gorgeous cover.





And that’s it for May! Maybe I will be more restrained in June. *wmyb haha.mp3 plays softly in the distance*

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