June reads needs!

june reads needs title 2

There are so many great books coming out this month! Like. SO MANY. I would hide my purse from myself but lbr I know my card number by heart so unless I can hide my brain too, that’s probably doomed to failure.

Here are four books that you desperately need to read this month. You might say… reads that you… needs… in June. LOOK AT THAT GREAT TITLE WORK.

Abroad (Book one) – Liz Jacobs

Ohhhh, you guys. Abroad.

This is Liz’s debut book and it is freaking gorgeous. As a disclaimer, Liz and I are friends (which totally means I get to point at this book and go LOOK MY FRIEND WROTE THIS AMAZING BOOK LOOK with intense pride and some smuggery), but I wouldn’t be like OMG BOOK unless I actually… felt OMG BOOK. This is a sort of queer self-acceptance narrative, set in London, and it’s filled with such cool and smart and interesting characters that, like, I need to befriend immediately and have a million in-jokes with. The first draft of this that I read was unfinished, and I definitely got to the end and then went LIZ WHERE IS THE REST OF YOUR BOOK I REQUIRE IT and then sent approximately five thousand more emails to make my point again. My point is: Nick, Dex, and Izzy. Get them into your life.

An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities book two) – KJ Charles

I mean, I could pretty much just go NEW KJ CHARLES!! and have done with it because that alone is enough to send me racing to the nearest book purveyor at warp speed. But! This is the second book in the Sins of the Cities trilogy, which is a take on the VICTORIAN PULP NOVEL. Yes. KJC does Victorian pulp. Be still my tiny delighted heart.

The first book, An Unseen Attraction, centred around Clem, one of my all time favourite KJC characters. This one is about Nathaniel, an upright journalist, and Justin, a downright scoundrel and fake spiritualist. Victorians! Fog! Intrigue! Excellent references to pictures of St. Sebastian! FOUND FAMILIES AND LONG SUFFERING FRIENDSHIPS AND FINDING YOUR PEOPLE WHERE YOU DON’T EXPECT THEM. *clutches face* AND FAKE SPIRITUALISM!! Also Nathaniel spends a lot of time in a dressing gown being described as having a widow’s peak and I just about fell off the couch with Holmes emotions, so, there’s that.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Mackenzi Lee

I found out that this existed via an EpicReads video. “I like that cover,” thought I, “I wonder if there will be anyone queer in this YA historical?” LITTLE DID I KNOW it would be one of the loveliest, paciest, most romantical queer romances I’ve read and that I would fall arse over tit in love with our narrator, Monty, a bisexual pining rake disaster of a human that I would read twelve million books about at once. Pining! Road trips! Derring-do! Pirates! MORE PINING! Somehow I was lucky enough not only to get an ARC of this book, which frankly made me feel like I had captured the moon, but also to get to interview the lovely Mackenzi Lee. SHE IS A DELIGHT. That interview will be going up on Binge on Books near the end of the month, so, like, look out for me trying to sound like a normal person with regular enthusiasm levels while we chat about historical fiction and cool queer history facts. I CAN SOUND CHILL SOMETIMES MAYBE, I insist, in capslock. WHATEVER. READ THIS BOOK.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (Skulduggery Pleasant book 10) – Derek Landy

I had managed somehow to forget that there was another Skulduggery book coming out and then was idly googling June releases to make sure I hadn’t overlooked any for this post and LOST MY ENTIRE MIND at this. Does anyone expect to be as deeply and tinhattily invested in the future happiness of a teenage girl and an immortal skeleton detective? Probably not. Has this happened to everyone I have shoved this series at? Yes.

Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity book 2) – V.E. Schwab

New V.E. Schwab *_____* I honest to god nearly missed my tube stop reading the first book, This Savage Song, and had to do that tv thing of, like, bolting for the doors just before they closed. And then I kept reading all the way down the street and up the stairs in work, whereupon I walked up two flights of stairs too many because I was too busy reading, and only noticed I’d gone wrong when I actually bumped into a door and was forced to remember I physically existed instead of being a book-dwelling nymph. RUDE. Anyway, BOOK TWO IS HAPPENING HOORAY HOORAH HURIZZLE.

Draakenwood (Whyborne and Griffin book 9) – Jordan L. Hawk

The Whyborne and Griffin series is a queer historical romance alongside a rollicking eldritch paranormal horror mytharc plot focusing on a creepy-ass town with a wood that no one goes in, a museum with secrets, and a population that just knows not to look too closely at anything unusual. This is the ninth book, and at this point you really do need to read from the beginning or a lot of the mytharc stuff is just going to be confusing. But that will not be a hardship! Because then you get eight books of this, including DOCTOR CHRISTINE PUTNAM, ANGRY TROUSER-WEARING ARCHAEOLOGIST. I picture her constantly as Christine Baranksi because they have the same name and I am a simple Moog, and it is great. Anyway, I just finished this book this afternoon. it’s immediately become one of my favourites in the series, and I’m so happy every time there are tentacles.

Which books are you looking forwards to this month? Have you read any of the books in this post? How much do you love Victorians? QUESTIONS!

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