go-to self care methods for wobbly days

go-to self care

It has taken some honing but through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered etc I have worked out a few go-to ways to treat myself a bit better if I’m having a hard brain day. I try to incorporate these into day-to-day life generally but if I’m feeling rubbish, or if it’s been a day when everything seems to be on fire (LOOKING AT YOU, THE WORLD AT LARGE), I go out of my way to make sure I do one or more of these, regardless of what else needs doing. Brains before… pains? Sure. Let’s go with that.

None of these are really revolutionary ideas but they are small bits of self-care that I find almost ludicrously helpful. Go team take care!

Lighting a candle

This works better in autumn/winter, when it’s generally darker longer and you can actually see the candle flame flickering against the darkness. I am apparently the last millennial to discover candles as a home decor thing I want in my life, but I got there last winter via bookstagram and all the billions of gorgeous cosy photos. My favourites at the moment are Frosted Berries from the At Wick’s End winter collection, and the Kalusian Sunset candle by Happy Piranha that came in the February FairyLoot box. OBV I am looking forward to autumn/winter for a million different reasons but ngl I am super excited to get to light candles in the evenings again.

Making a cup of tea.

British self-care coming through here, I guess, but honestly, making a cup of tea and taking the time out to sit and drink it is one of the easiest reset soothing activities I can do. Bonus points for if the tea is coupled with a comfy couch, a blanket, and a good book.

Putting on something that makes you feel good.

This could be real person clothes or pyjamas, depending on my mood, but taking the time to think about the thing I want to be wearing right then and putting it on my body always helps when I’m having a wobbly brain moment. Today, for example, I’m wearing mismatched earrings, Ariel leggings, and a cropped grey t-shirt with a kitten on it, and it’s making me feel approx 10000% better about me.


I am sure this one is a huge shock to you all. When I’m having a wobbly brain day, reading can be a bit hit and miss wrt success rates of actually soothing my brain, but reading something completely at random from my TBR list, or continuing a book I’m really loving, or rereading a favourite book are staples in my self care repertoire. … Admittedly I could have just said “read any book” there and it would have covered the same grounds but NO. SPECIFICITY HERE AT THE HOUSE OF MOOG.


If I’m not in the right frame of mind for reading, like if my brain feels too scratchy to concentrate properly that way, YouTube is pretty much always the fix. I particularly like unboxings, or book hauls, or apartment tours for maximum unwinding. Just sitting down and listening to someone talk about something they love.

What are some of your go-to self-care methods? Do you also obsessively look at beautiful candles on instagram? Do you have a favourite mug for maximum tea satisfaction? QUESTIONS! ❤

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3 thoughts on “go-to self care methods for wobbly days

  1. sandraschwab says:

    Making a cuppa – YES! And when I’m feeling extremely low, it just *has* to be a cup of proper British tea (British blends tend to be stronger than continental blends).

    Watching animes – I have a number of Studio Ghibli films as my go-to feel-good movies. And Yuri on Ice, of course! 🙂

    Going for a walk across one of the nearby fields or along the river.

    Cuddle a dog.

    Looking at pictures of vintage caravans. I have a particular fondness for vintage British caravans.

    Curling up on the armchair in my library with one of my favorite comfort reads.


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