2017 Disney Halloween Gift Exchange!

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The lovely Hannah at Courage and Kindness has run a Disney-themed Halloween gift exchange for the past couple of years, which is frankly such a gr9 idea. It combines so many of my interests! Disney! Spooky things! Presents! I only found Hannah’s blog after last year’s exchange so when it rolled round again this year, I was like YES. YES MY TIME IS HERE. I CAN BE A HALLOWEEN DISNEY GIFTING FAIRY!

You can learn more about the way the exchange works here, and I highly encourage you to go check out Hannah’s blog in general – it’s gorgeous, sweet, and full of really lovely Disney content and aesthetics.

My parcel arrived during a week I was signed off work sick, which was a little extra touch of cheering magic. Like, who doesn’t love getting presents when they’re feeling rundown? THIS MOOG CERTAINLY DOES. My gift came from @kerri_dangit, who sent such lovely things! Let’s get into it.

Included in my box:

  • A gorgeous Cinderella movie poster card – I’ve seen and loved this line of cards in shops, so pulling this out of the exchange box was the coolest!
  • A bag of Halloween-themed sweets, which have a PUN FOR A NAME and thus have my whole affections
  • LADY DISNEY VILLAIN SOCKS. *insert ten million heart-eye emojis here* I am wearing the Ursula version of these socks right now. MY FEET ARE COVERED IN EVIL LADIES. WHAT MORE COULD A MOOG WANT.
  • A Cogsworth Tsum Tsum – his little grumpy face is SO adorable in Tsum form, and he even has a little clock pendulum on his Tsum belly, which is the coolest detail.

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My favourite item in the box was this AMAZING poison apple print from Sweet Allure. I am o b s e s s e d with the Wicked Queen from Snow White – we’re talking, like, my old VHS tape of that movie WORE OUT from all the times I rewatched it – and I have coveted something with this poison apple design on for ages. Like, look how gorgeous this is. Nothing could be more relevant to my interests without literally being my wife, lbr. LOVE. IT.

Lady Disney villains! Tsum Tsums! CINDERELLA NOSTALGIA!

Thank you so much to @kerri_dangit for my wonderful Disney Halloween gift exchange box, and thank you too to Hannah for running this in the first place. I had the most fun picking out presents for my recipient and getting my own box in the post ❤ ❤ ❤ If Hannah runs this again next year I would 100% recommend taking part!

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