five YouTubers I love


You know what I like? YouTube! You know what else I like? RAD LADY YOUTUBERS! You what ELSE I like? SUPPORTING WOMEN DOING THEIR THING! Let’s get into it ❤

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

The amount of emotions I have about this incredibly rad disabled married lesbian YouTuber is frankly embarrassing. Jessica posts a range of things including videos with her gorgeous wife, travel vlogs, vintage style tutorials and reviews (I swear my wife would like to steal every single item in her wardrobe), and videos about life with chronic illness and disabilities and all of them feel like you’re talking to a friend. Lal and I just watched Jessica’s recent Malaysia travel series and fell head over heels for her channel. She seems like such a SWEETHEART and her dogs are ADORABLE and she and her wife are SO giggly and cute together in a way that, like, warms the cockles of my heart. Cute married ladies in love! Being silly and supportive and happy together! My very favourite thing!

Also, as a married disabled lesbian, like — okay, you know that thing where a dog sees another dog and is like !!! DOGE!!!! ? That is how I feel watching Jessica’s videos. Like there’s someone like me (but way more stylish) out there in the world being happy, and that makes me so happy too.

PLUS Jessica’s lipstick is always i n c r e d i b l e. I think she must be a wizard.

Try her channel:

A Clockwork Reader

Booktube videos are some of the videos I most like watching — a shock, I know, given my general disinclination to talking about books /heavy sarcasm mallet — and I particularly love Hannah’s channel. Her reading taste matches mine in a lot of ways, so I know that if she likes a book then I will also probably enjoy it, and she has a very considered, passionate, and enthusiastic way of expressing herself that I absolutely love. She’s a feminist and she cares about reading diverse books, and will always mention if she knows that a book has characters of colour, or queer characters, or disability rep etc, which is one of my absolute favourite things about her videos. (She also gives content warnings <33) Hannah talks about books she hasn’t enjoyed in a really thoughtful way while focusing on books that she has enjoyed, and her vlogs are always the most relaxing.

She ALSO always has incredible lipstick. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, LIPSTICK WIZARDS!!

Try her channel:


You know when it feels like something has come into your life at just the right time? That’s how I feel about Jenny’s videos. She posts a range of things, from vlogs to art videos to her sticker collection to haul videos, and she approaches YouTube as sort of a… way to document her life and her interests. She’s one of the sweetest YouTubers I’ve ever watched, and I found her channel at a time when I really needed it. She’s just getting back into posting again in a way that suits her, I think, and of all the content on this list, Jenny’s channel is my favourite ❤

Try her channel:

Cheyenne Barton

Honestly, I feel like everyone knows Cheyenne Barton’s channel, and for good reason. She’s an artist and creator and I found her through her bullet journal/plan with me videos, which are beautiful. Whenever I feel low, or unhappy, or uninspired, her monthly journal videos never fail to make me feel calm or creative, or just generally better about myself and the world. Her videos make me feel like I can do something good in the world, you know? Like the world is a good and beautiful place.

Try her channel:


Deligracy introduced me to the world of Simmers on YouTube at a time when I didn’t know that was what I needed. Deli (who was recently featured on a Buzzfeed list of girl gamers!! I am so proud of this person I don’t know!!!) is primarily a gaming YouTuber, focusing on The Sims, although she plays other games and creates lifestyle videos (my favourites) too. She makes the most amazing Sim builds, which are so aesthetically soothing to watch and easy to download and play in your own Sims game, and are equally beautiful to watch. I’ve started seeing things in real life home decor and being like “That’s such a Deli aesthetic.” She’s fun and sweet and down to earth and all her videos feel like catching up with a friend over coffee or the Sims. I’ve been subscribed to Deligracy the longest out of everyone on this list and watching her channel and her confidence grow over the years has been so cool.

Try her channel:


Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? What sort of things do you like to watch? Let me know in the comments! Let’s chat it out. 😀

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4 thoughts on “five YouTubers I love

  1. CG @ Paper Fury says:

    Ooh these look like really great channels!! I’m definitely going to go check out the first one and Clockwork Reader!! They sound super amazing! (Also so love when you find someone online to relate to a lot, right?! Even if they have no idea we exist it’s still all the fangirl !! moment. 😂💕)


    • mmflorin says:

      it’s so great! someone out there in the world! like us! \o/! and definitely check out Clockwork Reader — her recs are amazing and her channel is super relaxing and interesting ❤


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