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I’ve been wanting to do some kind of favourites post for a little while but always got stalled out picking a timeframe. I think I’d run out of steam doing weekly posts (“this is a fantastic idea!” I would say on week one, and have become mired in guilt about being late by week three) and monthly posts seem like I.. would forget everything I’ve enjoyed. But I’ve seen a few people do sort of… weekly wrap-up/Friday favourites style posts, so I figured I would combine the two into a sporadic series to talk about what I’ve been doing and things I’ve been loving (and think that you would love too) ❤

Let’s get into it!

Since leaving my job at the end of June (a story for another post that basically boils down to: chronic illness demands more rest than an office job allows), I have been trying to look after myself a bit more and do a few, like, soul replenishing things. One of these things has been DOGSITTING TWO PUGS who are PERFECT and they SLEEP ON ME and have ADORABLE SMUSHY FACES. One of these things has been… inevitably starting to catch up with Supernatural. You will note that one of these choices is better than the other. Believe me, I know. No one look at me.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving that I WOULD recommend!

flower line break

Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal // Hospital Heat: My love for time management games >>> my skill at time management games but when have I ever let that stop me? Never, that’s when! I am small and determined! This series is by the same company that make the Delicious games (following a chef named Emily through her career, familial, and personal growth) but these games are set in a hospital and have a truly impressively bonkers storyline. While you’re, like, tapping and mini-gamesing your way through like 60 levels, you are also following Allison, an intern, as she makes her way through various different specialities. The game opens with an incredibly dramatic cut scene of three people in an ambulance that drives off a cliff. At one point later there is a cut scene set to Not Sarah McLachlan in which Allison coaches her romantic interest through amphetamine withdrawal. In the second game there’s a big-ass fire!! It’s like Grey’s Anatomy meets Diner Dash and I am obsessed. 

The Stardew Valley soundtrack: I would like to posit that it is scientifically impossible to remain stressed while listening to the Stardew Valley soundtrack. Don’t @ me. Stardew Valley itself is a lovely farm sim with dating sim and rpg elements that you can choose to engage in as much or as little as you like and the storyline is that you move to your granddad’s old farm and take over looking after it. Mostly I potter around in cute dungarees collecting stuff, making friends with people, and acquiring chickens, which is what I love about it: you can really pick the gameplay you like and then do that. It’s such a quiet, kind game with such pretty graphics and it’s, like, an instant well of soothing. How it had not occurred to me to listen to the soundtrack separately until now I just don’t know, but here we are. If you’re in need of something gentle that makes you feel like it’s just the right temperature and you’ve just picked a daisy, but you don’t want to play the full Stardew Valley game right now — this soundtrack is here for you. And it’s all on YouTube! Go forth and be soothed.

Ride or Die Pod: Do you, like me, know deep in your heart you will never be free of Supernatural until it finally, finally ends and lets us all rest? Do you want to listen to two people go through each episode from the beginning while bewailing their investment in and genuine emotional connection to this hot pile of garbage? RIDE OR DIE POD IS FOR YOU. I’m about eight or nine episodes into this show and listening to two ladies yell about both a) how terrible this show can be and b) how much we care about Dean Winchester despite ourselves is MAXIMUM OK HAND EMOJI.

What have you been doing/loving recently? Do you like any of these things too? Let me know! ❤ ❤ ❤

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