unboxing: book box club august 2018!


Time for another unboxing! This is the August Book Box Club box, and the theme was Tech Tribes.*

Book Box Club sends you one new YA release each month along with 4 -6 bookish goodies that fit that month’s theme. Every box comes with an invitation to the online Book Box Club book group, which hosts a monthly chat with the author of the selected book.

Let’s get into it!

*I am never super comfy using the word tribe, because of the colonial and other negative connotations involved when not being used by Native American people about themselves. While I am a white person and can’t speak with any authority on the impact of the term, I want to listen when people of colour speak to that effect. Wikipedia has a quick overview and there’s a transcript of an NPR conversation about the term here. (This note all paraphrased as I understand it.)

Despite the theme name, this month’s box had some pretty great items! I had no idea what the book would be, so it was a complete surprise, which is always super cool.


The first thing I saw in this box was the BB-8 bookmark, which is the CUTEST THING. It says beep boop!! It’s so cute and round!!! I love BB-8 anyway (totally my favourite Star Wars droid) and this bookmark is an adorable addition to my bookmark mug.

I keep my bookmarks in a mug when I’m not using them, but not THIS mug, which is new and gorgeous! It’s got artwork inspired by the book featured in this month’s box, and I really love the colour scheme. Teals! Pinks! Into it!!! It makes me feel like I’m doing something rad and world-changing even when I’m just drinking ginger tea in my pyjamas.


  • Robot socks by Joe Cool
  • Jinx necklace by Book Box Club
  • Lunar Chronicles coaster by Book Box Club

The socks are adorable, and the necklace is a really cool tie-in to the book this month, but what I really want to to talk about is the coaster. It says “broken isn’t the same as unfixable”, which is genuinely just what I needed to hear this month. Ah, chronic illness. Such fun that we have. Anyway, the coaster is lovely, and now lives on my desk next to a fake succulent and a board of Disney pins. It seems happy there!

Also featured this month was an Ava Lovelace sticker by Victorian Store, but, uh, I stuck it in my journal before I took any pictures of it because IT’S AN AVA LOVELACE STICKER. Your girl has priorities.

Onto the book for the month!


This is a sci-fi read about a character who has always wanted to work for the tech company responsible for creating a sort of… smartphone/pet called “bakus” (which, frankly, sounds like someone should have been like NO THIS IS HOW THE ROBOT REVOLUTION STARTS but I guess if they did, this would be a different book). From what I gather, Lacey meets a baku who manages to get her into the elite academy she’s dreaming about and then… I assume things go awry from there! I haven’t read Amy McCulloch’s previous series The Potion Diaries, but I know it does some cool world-building, looking at how learning magic might work with current technology, so I’m looking forward to giving this one a go!

Next month’s Book Box Club theme is Into the Wild, and it will be their second anniversary box! Two whole years of Book Box Club! As well as the book of the month, the Into the Wild box will include an arc of a fantasy YA due out in the UK in November for EXTRA birthday excitement. You can subscribe here!

Is Jinxed on your tbr? Have you read The Potion Diaries? Which is your favourite item from this box? Let me know! ❤

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