hello september


September is here and I am officially calling it autumn. While winter is my actual favourite season, autumn means that summer is finally over! This nicely captures how I feel about summer: namely, that it is a hellscape season that I just have to GET THROUGH and then am rewarded with COOLER WEATHER and JUMPERS and BLANKETS AND HAPPINESS. I have essentially zero heat tolerance anyway, and being too warm exacerbates my m.e. like no-one’s business, and I burn super easily, and I sweat super easily, and summer is just Not For Me. I get through it by being like “this is people’s favourite season! this must be so nice for them!” and then we circle back to autumn and I am like OH THANK GOD THANK GOD I LIVED TO SEE THIS DAY etc. I did my first autumn-themed journal spread this morning and it felt Good.

Here are a few things I want to do this September to really soak up the beginning of autumn:

  • Wear jeans! The prospect of imminently being able to wear jeans again makes me so happy. I can get my favourite red jeans out again and VOILA an instant outfit, no need to pass go, no need to stare miserably into the wardrobe and lament.
  • Read some atmospheric books! I’ve got a blog post on this topic coming up, but with the days starting to get shorter and the season starting to turn it’s a great time to read a book that really sucks you into its world. I’m thinking gorgeous writing, I’m thinking tension, I’m thinking magical realism — the works.
  • Make some work progress! I feel like my brain turns to mush when the weather is warm and now that temperatures are cooling down some, I’m excited to be able to try and get a few more things done. I have a tiny desk now, and I’m going to sit there with some ginger tea and try to believe that I do know what I’m doing and that I can really do it. Gonna wrap myself in self-belief like a BIG HAPPY SCARF!!
  • Cover myself in blankets! One of the things I miss most about summer is being able to snuggle under blankets, no matter what I’m doing. I just like the feeling of having something over my legs, or something to hold onto while I’m napping. Right now, for example, I’m under a reindeer-patterned blanket and it is glorious. (Side-note: I may or may not have accidentally burned a hole in the reindeer blanket when I got startled by a mouse. Who can say for sure? The evidence is hole-y circumstantial.)
  • Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Is it cliche? Yes. Do I care? Not at all! I want to drink a PSL and sit under a blanket and think about FALLING LEAVES and CRISP AUTUMN AIR and BEING ABLE TO LIGHT CANDLES. I’m going to romanticise the fuck out of my autumn and no one can stop me! *gathers joy to self like a tiny autumn dragon*

What about you? Is there anything particular you want to do this September? Is there a particular book you want to pick up? ❤

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