coffee catch up #2

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Hello again, pals! It’s time for another coffee catch up post, where I talk a bit about what’s been going on with me recently and share some things I’ve been loving and think you might love too. Grab a coffee and some biscuits of your choice, and let’s get into it!

In the last month, I’ve been doing my first bits of temping since leaving my full-time job at the end of June, which meant I put on clothes that weren’t comfy leggings and jumpers and also put on mascara, AND left the house before 8 am. This adventure did also involve spilling coffee down myself about twenty minutes before I was due to meet the employer, but, you know, it all worked out fine. Blue tights hide coffee stains well! Who knew?

Home-wise, I bought some fridge dividers from Wilkinson to use as regular storage on the advice of a friend and it is a genius idea. We now have our makeup in clear cases by the side of the mirror and it is like one step closer to BEAUTIFUL ORGANISATION. (I love organisation in theory. In practice, I am very bad at it. Organising things at work? Very good! Organising my own things? Appalling! *hands*)

I got my first flu jab last week in an attempt to make myself slightly less like a beacon for all contagious illness, and then immediately afterwards I bought a pack of animal-shaped chocolate biscuits from Aldi, because I am an ADULT and can make SOOTHING LIFE CHOICES. Like biscuits. And tea.

ALSO CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE ADVENTURE ZONE? I know I am the latest to this but like oh my god it’s good. Lal started listening a couple of months ago, and I listened in when she had it on speaker but I wasn’t sure whether I’d like it enough to listen myself (I have trouble concentrating on audio a lot of the time). But then! Train journeys to temp work gave me the perfect time to try it out for myself and… five weeks later, I have the graphic novel and I’ve got a Pine Guards sticker in the post <.< I’m listening to the Balance arc (I’m up to Crystal Kingdom!) and then Lal and I are catching up on Amnesty together, and overall it’s just like A BALM OF KINDNESS that also makes you laugh audibly in the street. 11/10 would rec again, am also somehow unspoiled for, like, all of it.

Here’s some other things I’ve been loving recently:

  • safiya nygaard: speaking of being late to things, I have just discovered Safiya Nygaard’s channel!
  • home design makeover: I play a lot of casual phone games and one of them was like, hey, download this home design game and we’ll give you free in-game currency! and I was obviously like, yes! and then… then I spent the whole weekend playing Home Design Makeover and now I think I might be a qualified match-3 expert/home designer.
  • I recently stumbled across Michelle’s blog and I think I might be in love. She writes about being self-employed, about lifestyle, and about self-empowerment and understanding in your twenties, and her photography is also dreamy as anything. When I am having a rough day, a trip to her blog always makes me feel way better!

What have you been loving recently? Let me know! ❤

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