unboxing: september book box club – birthday edition!

Book Box Club box with pink flowers to one side and a typed piece of paper saying "into the wild"

Time for another (admittedly late) unboxing of my favourite book box! This is the September Book Box Club box, and the theme was Into the Wild. This month was Book Box Club’s two year anniversary box and it came with two books to celebrate! Happy birthday, Book Box Club ❤

Book Box Club sends you one new YA release each month along with 4 -6 bookish goodies that fit that month’s theme. Every box comes with an invitation to the online Book Box Club book group, which hosts a monthly chat with the author of the selected book.

Let’s get into it!

A Sass and Belle lunchbox with a scout-like pattern, a Cabeswater candle, a massage bar in a tin, a headscarf patterned with pine trees, and post-it notes from Dear Evan Hansen

A lunchbox cooler by SASS AND BELLE! I feel so fancy. And a Cabeswater candle!! I love The Raven Boys so much and I’ve been wanting a candle related to that series for a while, so this was such a good surprise. The headscarf is underneath the other items in the picture above and it’s so soft, which is the best thing. Honestly, I don’t really know what I will do with a massage bar, but I showed my wife and she was like “A LOVELY MASSAGE BAR FOR ME!” so it is hers now, and it’s a pretty cool item to include in a book box. I’ve not had one included before!

And, uh, not pictured here because I had taken it out of the box to look at and failed to return it and thus completely forgot it when taking pictures: a cute Lost Boys notebook by Georgine Makes, pictured here by @_shonashoe

This month we got TWO books, which is my favourite thing to happen in book boxes. As well as the featured read, we got an ARC of an October YA fantasy release:

Hardback copy of The Other Side of Lost by Jessi Kirby and a paperback arc of Damsel by Elana K. Arnold

The Other Side of Lost is about a YouTuber who loses her cousin and best friend and is inspired to hike across a nature trail after realising that she has become a person she doesn’t recognise. I’m all for books featuring contemporary media, but I have to say I’m always a little wary of stories or thinkpieces about, like, “I turned my phone off for five days and now I’m a better person and think technology is a scourge upon the land.” Like. There’s a balance to be found. That said, I have been looking forward to this book and I’m hoping it approaches the topic in an interesting and nuanced way!

Damsel — what can I say about Damsel. I read this almost the moment I picked it out of this box and kept going until I’d finished it, picking it up in snatched moments as well as in dedicated reading time. It’s about a princess who has no memory before waking up on the back of a prince’s horse, having been rescued from a dragon in a tower as part of a tradition that decides whether he gets to be king, and more than that it’s about female anger and agency and the ugly parts of that classic fairytale narrative. Highlight here for trigger warnings: Trigger warnings for self-harm, mentions of suicide, and sexual assault.

I’ll have an unboxing of the October box up soon (spoiler: it’s my favourite book subscription box I’ve ever received) so look out for that! The October theme is Fantasy Lands.

What’s your favourite item from this box? Have you read either of the books included? Let me know! ❤

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