A Book Box Club box, the theme card for this month, and a pink rose

unboxing: book box club october 2018!

A Book Box Club box, the theme card for this month, and a pink rose

Is this a super late Book Box Club unboxing? Yes! But we’re doing it anyway! I think this box is my favourite subscription box I’ve ever received, and, even if it’s been more than two months since it was sent out, I still want to yell about how wonderful it is.

ALSO! Book Box Club have just launched their new shop! If you want any of the items in this post, you can take a look here to see if the individual item or the whole box is available 😀

Book Box Club sends you one new YA release each month along with 4 -6 bookish goodies that fit that month’s theme. Every box comes with an invitation to the online Book Box Club book group, which hosts a monthly chat with the author of the selected book. October’s theme was Fantasy Lands – let’s get into it!

The Coraline biscuit, Narnia beanie, mint tea, sparkly soap, and ADSOM tote bag

Let’s start with the best thing: that BEANIE. Narnia has been close to my heart since I was tiny: it’s one of my first memories of reading. My parents gave me each book in turn by leaving them somewhere in the house for me to find, like they’d appeared by magic. One was on the stairs, one was in a kitchen cupboard, one was outside my bedroom door, etc etc. I used to pretend to go to Narnia all the time and, let’s be real, I’ve never stopped looking in wardrobes. I cried when I took that beanie out of the box ❤ (Sidenote: I have worn it a bunch of times since and every time I feel like I am somehow levelling up in lesbian, which is another point in its favour)

I loved the last cookie that Book Box Club included, so I’m excited for this one! Also excited to stop its button eyes looking at me. NO THANK YOU, CORALINE. Maybe I will pair it with the tea!

I’ve also used the tote bag a bunch. The handles are such a good length for me (a short person) and it holds a lot of things without feeling flimsy or strained. It would be a great one to take to YALC next year! Carry things in a BAG OF FEELINGS about A Darker Shade of Magic. And the soap looks super cool! Like you’re a HAND-WASHING DRAGON.

The Light Between Worlds book on top of the ADSOM tote with some pink roses

You can probably guess how many feelings I had about this book. The story centres around three children in WWII, who travel to a magical world, but the story starts when they come back. It’s about belonging and finding yourself and understanding your needs and understanding the people you love and accepting yourself and finding your place and I full out sobbed through at least the last third. Did I bring a lot of my own feelings to this book to begin with yes? Would I also recommend it to anyone with any level of emotions about Narnia, belonging, or trusting yourself? One hundred percent.

Don’t forget, if  you want any of the items in this post, you can take a look in the Book Box Club shop to see if the individual item or even the whole box is available!

Have you read The Light Between Worlds? Do you also have a surplus of Narnia emotions? Which of the items in this box was your favourite? Let’s chat! ❤

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