Setting a Small Goal for 2019


Happy new year! I saw in 2019 cuddled up in blankets with Lal and my best friend, playing Pokemon Let’s Go and then watching Chicago to really ring in the new year with the best combination of soft things and rocking ladies possible.

I started thinking about a month ago about what I want to work on in 2019. After 28 years of setting nearly unachievable goals for myself as a kind of punishment, and then beating myself up for not meeting their impossible standards, I’ve learned (slowly) to try and think of goals as more like guidelines. Guidelines, or signposts, maybe, to help point you along the path you want to go. If you work on this, you can help yourself move in this direction. That sort of thing.

guidelines gif

(Thanks, Barbossa)

I’ve got a post coming up about the wider goals I’m working towards this year and how I came up with them, but this post is about something a little smaller.

Last year, when I had no idea really what I wanted to do or work on or think about, I decided to set myself a small goal that I could work on every day and that would noticeably improve a small but important area of my life. Because I am me, this was learning to make a better cup of tea.

Let me be clearer: I could make a good cup of tea, but the odds were not in my favour. I vacillated between making really, really good cups of tea (the kind that you take one sip of and are like I HAVE ACHIEVED TRUE PERFECTION, GIVE ME A BISCUIT AT ONCE) and really, truly awful cups of tea (the kind that you take one sip of and are like WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MY MOUTH PARTS and then drink anyway because goddamn it, you made it). In 2018, I decided, I would learn to raise the average standard of my tea-making abilities. I would make acceptable tea consistently. Thus my life would improve!

I make at least one cup of tea a day, so I had plenty of opportunities to practice. I didn’t really notice any big changes as the year went along until one day in about October, I was drinking a cup of tea and was like, wait. WAIT. That tea, my friends, was SOLIDLY ACCEPTABLE, and, when I thought about it, I had been making acceptable tea for a few weeks. Admittedly there were some standout cups and some more ehh cups, but, overall, the quality (qualitea) had improved.


It’s such a small thing but it’s made such a difference. I can adequately make myself tea! I can make other people tea and not run such a huge risk of it being Not Good! The cosy dream!

In the same spirit, this year I’ve decided to set another small achievable goal for myself: I want to improve my lipstick application. I can never seem to get a good line going — I miss a bit of my lower lip, or I overfill my top lip, or something somewhere is wobbly — and that’s what I’d like to work on this year. This comes with the added bonus of encouraging me to wear lipstick more often, even if I’m just working from home, so I can continue to pretend that I live in a costume drama while retaining my leggings and, you know, the internet.

The thing I’m trying to help myself is that change doesn’t have to be big, or drastic. It can be small, quiet, and measured, and make just as much of a difference to you. Like making your bed in the morning, or painting your nails, or learning how to make a better cup of tea.

giphy tea

Do you have any small goals this year? Do you like to set yourself goals at all? Let me know! ❤

How to Set a Small Goal for 2019

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