A bullet journal page with an envelope and a yearly calendar, a cup of coffee, and some pink flowers

My Wider 2019 Goals (and How I Chose Them)

A bullet journal page with an envelope and a yearly calendar, a cup of coffee, and some pink flowers

This blog is brought to you by the sweet sounds of Lal playing Pokemon Let’s Go so every now and then I just hear “WHAT’S GOOD AGAINST FIGHTING?” and then I helpfully refer to the Pokemon weakness list that I’ve handwritten on Minnie Mouse stationery. I love us.

Anyway! This is not a post about Pokemon; this is another post about 2019 goals.

I’ve written before about the small goal I’ve set myself for 2019 and how I’m trying to see goals as guidelines to move in the direction I want, and, with that in mind, it’s time to look at my wider goals for the year!

I’ve broken these down into smaller categories but they all have one main theme: they’re all things I’d like to let myself spend more time on. “I must do x more,” I think, going merrily through my life, never actually sitting down to do something about it. “I really must make a start on that.” No more!

Or, at least, no more putting off finding ways to do things I want to do. I don’t want to set myself any impossible standards or use these goals as ways to punish myself for not achieving what I think I should be — instead, I’m trying to encourage myself along like a very small snail. You can do it, snail! We believe in you!

Here are the things I want to gently work on in 2019:


Write an average of 1000 words per week: This one is pretty self-explanatory! I manage to keep talking myself out of actually sitting down and writing, despite enjoying it and wanting to do more of it. “Wanting to do more of it” is probably the number one reason why I haven’t been doing it. Liking things is hard! But this is 20kindteen, and I want to gently scoot myself out of my own way and let myself write. An average of 1000 words a week gives me a low goal that’s easily trackable and that I can do in small chunks here and there, with the option to take time away if I need to.

Finish my Victorian ghost hunters m/m short story: I have about 10k of what is probably going to be a 15-20k story written but it remains unfinished. This is your year, ghost-hunting Victorians in love! I will finish you! What I’m going to do with it when it’s done is another question, but that’s for future Moog to figure out.


Aim for one blog post per week: I say aim because this is probably the goal I’m most uncertain about meeting and I want to eliminate as many possibilities for self-flagellation as possible. I’ve really enjoyed blogging but I’ve managed to talk myself out of prioritising it so this year, I want to give myself permission to do more of it. (Spot the running theme.)


Catch up on Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones ends this year and I’m behind!!! I’ve read all the Song of Ice and Fire books but I’m back at like season three of the show and I want to watch the last season without being spoiled. Plus! I’m a huge nerd for adaptations and watching an adaptation reach its endgame ahead of its source material sounds like the coolest thing in the world.

Read Les Miserables: I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve see Les Mis in the West End (thank you, living in London and vaguely affordable ticket prices) but I’ve never read the book.

grantaire agog.gif

Do I have a lot of thoughts about various translations of “if you permit it”? OH YEAH. Is it time to finally plough through endless chapters about bishops and sewer systems to get to all the bits I love best? DEFINITELY.

And those are all my goals for the year! Like I said, I want these to be guidelines to help me let myself work on the things I want rather than ways to trip myself up, so I’m looking at them as kindnesses and permission rather than, like, hard and fast rules. Long story short: 20kindteen! It’s okay to like things! Let’s all be good to ourselves for once.

What are you doing to be kind to yourself this year? Do you have anything in mind? ❤

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