Coffee Catch Up #3

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Hello again, pals! It’s time for another coffee catch up post, where I talk a bit about what’s been going on with me recently and share some links I’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks Grab a hot beverage of your choice and let’s get into it!

What I’ve been reading:

This month, I inhaled four books in the Murder Most Unladylike series (middle grade murder mysteries featuring best friend detectives, boarding schools, stately homes, and a lot of tea) and also read King of Scars, which I was ambivalent about at best. There is one trope that I particularly dislike above pretty much all other things and I swear it happens like three or four times in King of Scars, so, uh, that was that. Will I still read the second book in the duology? Of course I will! I’m not leaving the Grisha world behind.

Pinterest adventures:

I’ve also really tried to up my Pinterest game and it has been the best. Pretty pictures! Organisation! The entire dream!

pinterest march 1

You’re more than welcome to follow me there! I have boards for bookish things, aesthetic things, and gay things, as well as a board to gaze happily at interior design, a board to gaze happily at fairytale aesthetics, and a board to gaze happily at design inspiration, among other things.

Learning new things:

Relatedly, I’ve been taking a few free online courses in digital marketing and visual design and I’m in love with it. I’ve worked in both areas throughout most of my professional life but I’ve never taken a course from the beginning and I’m really enjoying learning something that, it turns out, I’m really into? I honestly think this might be one of the first times I can say that about something — I did well at school but, like, mostly out of a combination of extreme self-imposed pressure and a skewed evaluation of my own worth — and you know what? It’s pretty great. If you’d like any class recommendations, let me know!

Links I’ve Loved:

  • I can look at home decor until the cows come home, and Jaye Rockett wrote a gorgeous post about some of her recent kitchen pieces
  • I’ve been trying to incorporate some gentle yoga into my routine again, health depending, and Yoga With Adriene is such a calm, kind channel with practices of varying lengths, which is GREAT when I just want to do ten minutes to unfuck my shoulders and then nap
  • Hannah wrote this wonderful introduction to Kingdom Hearts, which is great if, like me, you’re vaguely aware of the games but have no real idea what’s going on at any point and want to know more to support your delighted friends!

What have you enjoyed reading lately? Do you also like to scroll happily through reams of Pinterest content? What are you looking forward to in March? Let me know! ❤

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