Cute Disney Mugs to Make Your Mornings Magical

six mugs from the UK Shop Disney range: three Cinderella themed, a Mary Poppins mug, a Minnie Mouse teacup, and a mug featuring Dug

All images from Shop Disney

My friends and I have a tradition that whenever we go to Disneyland Paris, we pick up a new mug each after the fireworks show at the castle, so we’ve got something to have tea or coffee in the next morning in bed. We’ve done this twice now, and, back at home and out of the Disney bubble, I still use one or the other of the mugs I picked up for my first morning coffee. Sometimes it just really helps to start your day off with a dose of magic and positivity, you know?

Also, I just really love mugs, so I spend a lot of time happily browsing mugs online (and also I have a whole Pinterest board for them). Here’s some of my current favourite mugs from Shop Disney UK that would brighten any morning ❤

1. Gus Gus Mug (£8): I am so happy to see more Gus Gus merch around these days! Start your day the way you want to continue it: with the energy of a tiny mouse really believing in its capability to carry all the cheese.

2. Mary Poppins Returns Mug (£8): My wife really loves Mary Poppins so despite my own tendency to sob in that hiccupy, can’t catch your breath way about it, I try and keep an eye out for cute Mary Poppins pieces that a) I could get for her and b) don’t reduce me to a wailing mess, and this mug totally fits the bill! Plus it has the Disney house illustration style that I’ve been in love with since 101 Dalmatians, so it gets extra points from me. (Also, we still need to watch Mary Poppins returns.)

3. Walt Disney World Up Dug Mug (£8): HE HID UNDER YOUR PORCH BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU. I’m pretty sure anything you drink out of this mug comes with a side order of love and validation.

4. Cinderella’s Shoe Shop Mug (£9): I featured this in a previous Disney post but I love it so much that it’s HERE AGAIN. I love the concept for this whole line of mugs (what if the Disney Princesses owned businesses!) and frankly would happily own all of them. Here’s the others in the collection, and I’m already dreaming about a Tiana’s Palace version:

5. Disneyland Paris Minnie Boheme Tea Cup (£19.99): Personally, I need a large cup of coffee before I try to person in the mornings, but I’m not above daydreaming about some sort of floaty morning where I swan about in a beautiful silk robe and have tea in a dainty tea cup and maybe read the newspaper in bed like something out of a black and white movie. Capture that feeling with this cute cup!

6. Disneyland Paris Cinderella Mug (£19.99): Are three out of these six mugs Cinderella mugs? Yes! I like what I like! This one says “Midnight is only the beginning” on the inside rim, and the back has an illustration of the pumpkin carriage made out of flowers and leaves and butterflies, and it just looks like a fancy way to start your morning.

(Secret number seven would be the Disney villains mug I featured in my last Disney post but I STOPPED MYSELF from repeating two mugs out of EXTREME self-restraint, which is definitely not negated by my mentioning it now <.<)

Which of these mugs is your favourite? Do you have a favourite mug to start the morning? Let me know! ❤

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