top ten tuesday: priority tbr books for 2019

Top Ten Tuesday!

Recently I moved all my physical tbr books off my bookshelves and into piles on their own so that I could have a clearer idea of what I’ve actually got to read and that pile is… let’s sportingly say sizeable, if by sizeable we mean “five stacks of books impeding my way across the living room”. Next year I want to try and actually make a dent in it! I will get to read stories I’m really looking forward to AND reclaim inches of floor space! A double victory!

This post is also for the Top Ten Tuesday prompt “Winter 2018 TBR” — I’m twisting the prompt a little bit because I’ve already talked about my December reading plans here.

Here are ten books I want to try and prioritise reading in early 2019:

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end of the year book tag 2018!


I can’t believe it’s December! The best month of the year! (I might be a tad biased because my birthday is in December but also I am essentially the spirit of Christmas all year round, so in December my TRUE FORM becomes visible.) And you know another great thing that starts happening in December? BOOK LISTS.

I saw Regan from Peruse Project do this book tag a little while ago and I thought, yes! I can do that too! I think it’s meant to be done in autumn rather than, say, at the beginning of December but WHATEVER THOR I DO WHAT I WANT. Let’s take a look at my reading plans for the end of the year and also start pining for some 2019 releases! This tag was originally created by Ariel Bissett.

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hello november

I haven’t been feeling like myself for a little while and I hadn’t really noticed until I flicked back to look at my october journal spread. There’s nothing wrong with it, exactly, and I like all the elements I’ve used, but nothing quite fits. It looks like I didn’t know what I felt, and I don’t think I did.

October was kind of up and down for me – I had some really great days with people that I love alongside some rockier health moments, and a constant worry about work. I left my full-time job back in July because of an m.e. flare-up (more on that in a different post; I’ve got to do some more ~sitting with my feelings~ about it first) and I’ve recently been doing some part-time temping work to pay the bills. I keep wanting my health to be somewhere it isn’t, and I’ve been trying to balance that with trying to keep working for, you know, money. (Capitalism!!! *shakes fist*) I keep seeing full-time positions open for applications that I think I’d like and knowing that I couldn’t physically do them. I’ve been physically struggling with part-time work, and the reality of that struggle has been getting to me.

But. I’ve wanted to try freelance working for a while now and I finally have the opportunity. I am looking after my body and my mind. I’m not wearing myself out every day in a job that never felt like me; I’m writing more; I’m getting better, even if I can’t see it every single day.

I think that’s why I’ve been sort of absent here. I keep talking myself out of posting, and I think it’s because I have this idea that everything I put up needs to be polished, or perfect. But it doesn’t! It just has to be.

So that’s what I’m taking into November. Stop trying to be perfect, self! Just start letting yourself try.

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unboxing: september book box club – birthday edition!

Book Box Club box with pink flowers to one side and a typed piece of paper saying "into the wild"

Time for another (admittedly late) unboxing of my favourite book box! This is the September Book Box Club box, and the theme was Into the Wild. This month was Book Box Club’s two year anniversary box and it came with two books to celebrate! Happy birthday, Book Box Club ❤

Book Box Club sends you one new YA release each month along with 4 -6 bookish goodies that fit that month’s theme. Every box comes with an invitation to the online Book Box Club book group, which hosts a monthly chat with the author of the selected book.

Let’s get into it!

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hello september


September is here and I am officially calling it autumn. While winter is my actual favourite season, autumn means that summer is finally over! This nicely captures how I feel about summer: namely, that it is a hellscape season that I just have to GET THROUGH and then am rewarded with COOLER WEATHER and JUMPERS and BLANKETS AND HAPPINESS. I have essentially zero heat tolerance anyway, and being too warm exacerbates my m.e. like no-one’s business, and I burn super easily, and I sweat super easily, and summer is just Not For Me. I get through it by being like “this is people’s favourite season! this must be so nice for them!” and then we circle back to autumn and I am like OH THANK GOD THANK GOD I LIVED TO SEE THIS DAY etc. I did my first autumn-themed journal spread this morning and it felt Good.

Here are a few things I want to do this September to really soak up the beginning of autumn:

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Books I’m rereading| #ukrereadathon


The other day, as I was looking through my bookshelves to see if there were any more books I could unhaul and donate to a charity shop, I came across my copy of Beautiful Creatures. “I can unhaul this!” I said, and then, actually holding it in my hands, hesitated.

I read Beautiful Creatures like four years ago (ha ha oh god, how does time work) and, at the time, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best thing I’d ever read or anything, but right then I needed something that would completely distract me, and it really helped me out when I needed it. I’ve hung onto my copy since then mostly out of sentimental reasons but I really am trying to keep the numbers of books I own to a reasonable amount, and to only books that I really love, or want to reread. “I will reread this before making a decision!” said I, and put Beautiful Creatures back on the shelves.

And then! It turns out Hollie from Hollieblog is hosting a UK rereadathon this weekend! IT MUST BE A SIGN, I said, and made myself a rereadathon tbr.

The readathon runs from Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September, and you can follow along using #ukrereadathon on Twitter.

Let’s get into it!

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unboxing: book box club august 2018!


Time for another unboxing! This is the August Book Box Club box, and the theme was Tech Tribes.*

Book Box Club sends you one new YA release each month along with 4 -6 bookish goodies that fit that month’s theme. Every box comes with an invitation to the online Book Box Club book group, which hosts a monthly chat with the author of the selected book.

Let’s get into it!

*I am never super comfy using the word tribe, because of the colonial and other negative connotations involved when not being used by Native American people about themselves. While I am a white person and can’t speak with any authority on the impact of the term, I want to listen when people of colour speak to that effect. Wikipedia has a quick overview and there’s a transcript of an NPR conversation about the term here. (This note all paraphrased as I understand it.)

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coffee catch up #1

friday favourites (3)

I’ve been wanting to do some kind of favourites post for a little while but always got stalled out picking a timeframe. I think I’d run out of steam doing weekly posts (“this is a fantastic idea!” I would say on week one, and have become mired in guilt about being late by week three) and monthly posts seem like I.. would forget everything I’ve enjoyed. But I’ve seen a few people do sort of… weekly wrap-up/Friday favourites style posts, so I figured I would combine the two into a sporadic series to talk about what I’ve been doing and things I’ve been loving (and think that you would love too) ❤

Let’s get into it!

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YALC tips: chronic illness edition!

YALC tips_

(Fun fact: I wrote a whole draft of this post and then had a good but busy weekend that forced me to reexamine YALC planning. Ah, chronic illness. Never subtle.)

It’s YALC this weekend \o/! I went to YALC for the first time last year and had such a great time. You’re surrounded by rad books and rad people who love books for like three solid days! It was wonderful and I’m going back this year, and I’ve been looking forward to it for mooooonths <3___<3

This year, though, I am having a large M.E. flare-up. Am I still going to YALC? HELL YES. Am I going to have to put some adaptations in place for myself? Definitely yes. And I figured — hey, if I have been thinking about how to make this weekend happen for myself despite being chronically ill, maybe other people have too! And maybe we would all like some tips/would like to chat about that! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY A BAD MAN AND AN AMERICAN STICK INSECT CHRONIC ILLNESS! I WILL GO TO THE BOOK BALL AND SO SHALL YOU!

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