top ten tuesday: priority tbr books for 2019

Top Ten Tuesday!

Recently I moved all my physical tbr books off my bookshelves and into piles on their own so that I could have a clearer idea of what I’ve actually got to read and that pile is… let’s sportingly say sizeable, if by sizeable we mean “five stacks of books impeding my way across the living room”. Next year I want to try and actually make a dent in it! I will get to read stories I’m really looking forward to AND reclaim inches of floor space! A double victory!

This post is also for the Top Ten Tuesday prompt “Winter 2018 TBR” — I’m twisting the prompt a little bit because I’ve already talked about my December reading plans here.

Here are ten books I want to try and prioritise reading in early 2019:

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end of the year book tag 2018!


I can’t believe it’s December! The best month of the year! (I might be a tad biased because my birthday is in December but also I am essentially the spirit of Christmas all year round, so in December my TRUE FORM becomes visible.) And you know another great thing that starts happening in December? BOOK LISTS.

I saw Regan from Peruse Project do this book tag a little while ago and I thought, yes! I can do that too! I think it’s meant to be done in autumn rather than, say, at the beginning of December but WHATEVER THOR I DO WHAT I WANT. Let’s take a look at my reading plans for the end of the year and also start pining for some 2019 releases! This tag was originally created by Ariel Bissett.

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