Cute Disney Mugs to Make Your Mornings Magical

six mugs from the UK Shop Disney range: three Cinderella themed, a Mary Poppins mug, a Minnie Mouse teacup, and a mug featuring Dug

All images from Shop Disney

My friends and I have a tradition that whenever we go to Disneyland Paris, we pick up a new mug each after the fireworks show at the castle, so we’ve got something to have tea or coffee in the next morning in bed. We’ve done this twice now, and, back at home and out of the Disney bubble, I still use one or the other of the mugs I picked up for my first morning coffee. Sometimes it just really helps to start your day off with a dose of magic and positivity, you know?

Also, I just really love mugs, so I spend a lot of time happily browsing mugs online (and also I have a whole Pinterest board for them). Here’s some of my current favourite mugs from Shop Disney UK that would brighten any morning ❤

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