Cute Disney Mugs to Make Your Mornings Magical

six mugs from the UK Shop Disney range: three Cinderella themed, a Mary Poppins mug, a Minnie Mouse teacup, and a mug featuring Dug

All images from Shop Disney

My friends and I have a tradition that whenever we go to Disneyland Paris, we pick up a new mug each after the fireworks show at the castle, so we’ve got something to have tea or coffee in the next morning in bed. We’ve done this twice now, and, back at home and out of the Disney bubble, I still use one or the other of the mugs I picked up for my first morning coffee. Sometimes it just really helps to start your day off with a dose of magic and positivity, you know?

Also, I just really love mugs, so I spend a lot of time happily browsing mugs online (and also I have a whole Pinterest board for them). Here’s some of my current favourite mugs from Shop Disney UK that would brighten any morning ❤

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Magical New Year Disney Wishlist!

images of every item in the post, numbered.

It’s January, and if you’re feeling like you need a little extra magic in your life, Disney is here for you! One of my favourite ways to unwind is to idly window shop online and Disney things have to be one of the most comforting items to browse. Here’s a look at some of my favourite wishlist items so far this month!

Courage and Kindness, one of my favourite bloggers and all round wonderful human, writes wonderful Disney wishlist posts and this one is inspired by her ❤

Add a little magic to your new year with me!

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2017 Disney Halloween Gift Exchange!

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The lovely Hannah at Courage and Kindness has run a Disney-themed Halloween gift exchange for the past couple of years, which is frankly such a gr9 idea. It combines so many of my interests! Disney! Spooky things! Presents! I only found Hannah’s blog after last year’s exchange so when it rolled round again this year, I was like YES. YES MY TIME IS HERE. I CAN BE A HALLOWEEN DISNEY GIFTING FAIRY!

You can learn more about the way the exchange works here, and I highly encourage you to go check out Hannah’s blog in general – it’s gorgeous, sweet, and full of really lovely Disney content and aesthetics.

My parcel arrived during a week I was signed off work sick, which was a little extra touch of cheering magic. Like, who doesn’t love getting presents when they’re feeling rundown? THIS MOOG CERTAINLY DOES. My gift came from @kerri_dangit, who sent such lovely things! Let’s get into it.

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