Cute Disney Mugs to Make Your Mornings Magical

six mugs from the UK Shop Disney range: three Cinderella themed, a Mary Poppins mug, a Minnie Mouse teacup, and a mug featuring Dug

All images from Shop Disney

My friends and I have a tradition that whenever we go to Disneyland Paris, we pick up a new mug each after the fireworks show at the castle, so we’ve got something to have tea or coffee in the next morning in bed. We’ve done this twice now, and, back at home and out of the Disney bubble, I still use one or the other of the mugs I picked up for my first morning coffee. Sometimes it just really helps to start your day off with a dose of magic and positivity, you know?

Also, I just really love mugs, so I spend a lot of time happily browsing mugs online (and also I have a whole Pinterest board for them). Here’s some of my current favourite mugs from Shop Disney UK that would brighten any morning ❤

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A bullet journal page with an envelope and a yearly calendar, a cup of coffee, and some pink flowers

My Wider 2019 Goals (and How I Chose Them)

A bullet journal page with an envelope and a yearly calendar, a cup of coffee, and some pink flowers

This blog is brought to you by the sweet sounds of Lal playing Pokemon Let’s Go so every now and then I just hear “WHAT’S GOOD AGAINST FIGHTING?” and then I helpfully refer to the Pokemon weakness list that I’ve handwritten on Minnie Mouse stationery. I love us.

Anyway! This is not a post about Pokemon; this is another post about 2019 goals.

I’ve written before about the small goal I’ve set myself for 2019 and how I’m trying to see goals as guidelines to move in the direction I want, and, with that in mind, it’s time to look at my wider goals for the year!

I’ve broken these down into smaller categories but they all have one main theme: they’re all things I’d like to let myself spend more time on. “I must do x more,” I think, going merrily through my life, never actually sitting down to do something about it. “I really must make a start on that.” No more!

Or, at least, no more putting off finding ways to do things I want to do. I don’t want to set myself any impossible standards or use these goals as ways to punish myself for not achieving what I think I should be — instead, I’m trying to encourage myself along like a very small snail. You can do it, snail! We believe in you!

Here are the things I want to gently work on in 2019:

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Setting a Small Goal for 2019


Happy new year! I saw in 2019 cuddled up in blankets with Lal and my best friend, playing Pokemon Let’s Go and then watching Chicago to really ring in the new year with the best combination of soft things and rocking ladies possible.

I started thinking about a month ago about what I want to work on in 2019. After 28 years of setting nearly unachievable goals for myself as a kind of punishment, and then beating myself up for not meeting their impossible standards, I’ve learned (slowly) to try and think of goals as more like guidelines. Guidelines, or signposts, maybe, to help point you along the path you want to go. If you work on this, you can help yourself move in this direction. That sort of thing.

guidelines gif

(Thanks, Barbossa)

I’ve got a post coming up about the wider goals I’m working towards this year and how I came up with them, but this post is about something a little smaller.

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hello september


September is here and I am officially calling it autumn. While winter is my actual favourite season, autumn means that summer is finally over! This nicely captures how I feel about summer: namely, that it is a hellscape season that I just have to GET THROUGH and then am rewarded with COOLER WEATHER and JUMPERS and BLANKETS AND HAPPINESS. I have essentially zero heat tolerance anyway, and being too warm exacerbates my m.e. like no-one’s business, and I burn super easily, and I sweat super easily, and summer is just Not For Me. I get through it by being like “this is people’s favourite season! this must be so nice for them!” and then we circle back to autumn and I am like OH THANK GOD THANK GOD I LIVED TO SEE THIS DAY etc. I did my first autumn-themed journal spread this morning and it felt Good.

Here are a few things I want to do this September to really soak up the beginning of autumn:

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coffee catch up #1

friday favourites (3)

I’ve been wanting to do some kind of favourites post for a little while but always got stalled out picking a timeframe. I think I’d run out of steam doing weekly posts (“this is a fantastic idea!” I would say on week one, and have become mired in guilt about being late by week three) and monthly posts seem like I.. would forget everything I’ve enjoyed. But I’ve seen a few people do sort of… weekly wrap-up/Friday favourites style posts, so I figured I would combine the two into a sporadic series to talk about what I’ve been doing and things I’ve been loving (and think that you would love too) ❤

Let’s get into it!

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go-to self care methods for wobbly days

go-to self care

It has taken some honing but through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered etc I have worked out a few go-to ways to treat myself a bit better if I’m having a hard brain day. I try to incorporate these into day-to-day life generally but if I’m feeling rubbish, or if it’s been a day when everything seems to be on fire (LOOKING AT YOU, THE WORLD AT LARGE), I go out of my way to make sure I do one or more of these, regardless of what else needs doing. Brains before… pains? Sure. Let’s go with that.

None of these are really revolutionary ideas but they are small bits of self-care that I find almost ludicrously helpful. Go team take care!

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