Setting a Small Goal for 2019


Happy new year! I saw in 2019 cuddled up in blankets with Lal and my best friend, playing Pokemon Let’s Go and then watching Chicago to really ring in the new year with the best combination of soft things and rocking ladies possible.

I started thinking about a month ago about what I want to work on in 2019. After 28 years of setting nearly unachievable goals for myself as a kind of punishment, and then beating myself up for not meeting their impossible standards, I’ve learned (slowly) to try and think of goals as more like guidelines. Guidelines, or signposts, maybe, to help point you along the path you want to go. If you work on this, you can help yourself move in this direction. That sort of thing.

guidelines gif

(Thanks, Barbossa)

I’ve got a post coming up about the wider goals I’m working towards this year and how I came up with them, but this post is about something a little smaller.

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